Sunday, July 24, 2011


Several years ago, I had a student in my first grade classroom, Devion, whose birthday was July 24. When I mentioned we had the same birthday, he shot me a quizzical look. "I didn't see you that day!" I loved that he connected the news as though we were twins, somehow separated straight away before he even set eyes on me.

So here's the thing, Devion. On the exact same day as my birth, July 24, 1956, a few things took place that, apparently, I missed too. In New York City, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis performed their last comedy act together after a 10-year run. At Comiskey Park I, the Yankees took a staggering loss to the White Sox, 11-5. Meanwhile, in sleepy Harrisburg, PA, my mother gave birth to her 3rd child on a blistering hot Tuesday, after her water broke in a parking lot while running errands. It's all hearsay to me.


  1. Happy Belated birthday, Jenny! Wishing you a year of joy, exploration, fulfillment and good health

  2. Thanks Andrea! Your wish is mine as well!