Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reaching for the yogic form of worry

I can't locate Delilah this morning. Last night our dogs and the little barker next door made a major fuss when darkness arrived, and now my mind is in a twitter about our little cat and her whereabouts. Coyotes move through here year-round and it's a constant source of concern for cat owners.

Del, dear girl, wherever you are, peace be upon you.


  1. Sometimes Peet goes galavanting. I like to give him a quarter to carry so he can call home. He never calls, but so far has always made it home. I hope Del does too.

  2. Oh dear...have you found her? I worry every night for my beloveds, too.
    Coyotes are here nightly and they have brought on such conflict, as they too need to live, feed and procreate. One friend I have has suggested contacting the great coyote spirit to ask them to leave the human family of pets alone, for their own sake, as this will surely bring back the wrath they suffered in the past. That's my new strategy. Dear Del, I hope you are safe. Love, G

  3. Del made her way home without incident, at least with no report to us. Nine lives; we should all be so lucky.