Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apparently, it's all in the clothes.

Several months ago I purchased my first pair of bike shoes at the urging of my foot doctor. It was part of my plan to do more non-weight-bearing exercise as I continued to rehab from my stress fracture. This week I bought a pair of basic bike shorts on sale, and Reilly unearthed a flashy bike jersey he received from Papa ages ago. So off I went today, decked out and looking official, save for my mega-tupperware storage container that's mounted on my frame to haul my backpack to and from work. I played with the gears, climbed some hills, picked some blackberries, explored far corners of rural Brier and Mountlake Terrace, and reveled in the shouts of young boy as I pedaled past: "Yook! Yook! A bike wider!"

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