Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boys to men

As a young girl my favorite playmates were boys, mostly because they liked doing the same things I did: climb trees, dig in the dirt, ride bikes, play rough games, and seek out risky, dangerous adventures. I've always enjoyed my time alone though, and at an early age I recognized that some stuff was just more fun in private, like dissecting dead fish and removing their eyeballs to see how they were attached.

In high school, I had a dream that I would one day be the mother of two sons, and sure enough, here they are, bearded, bright as constellations in the night sky, and beautiful to boot. I love these guys and the men who bookend the family portrait: my dear father-in-law, Eddie, and my darling husband, Mika. Word has it, feisty boys; today, fine men.

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