Monday, August 8, 2011

The fine art of living

We gathered at Ft. Ebey on beautiful Whidbey Island, nearly fifty-strong, to train for the upcoming Breast Cancer 3-Day. Walkers and crew members representing four different teams came together to walk and enjoy the fellowship found in old and new friendships. A few of us were sidelined with injuries of various kinds, but we came never-the-less and found pleasure in a multitude of things, including plant buying!

Here is 3-Day veteran, Ginny Douglas, perusing the fine selection at a Coupeville nursery, using a measure of self control with fanny pack in tow. Resourceful, resilient, refreshing and resplendent, that's our Ginny, and we love her so!


  1. Was the "measure of self control" that she could only fill up her fanny pack with plants?

    Great photo here and lots more on Facebook, including of you and Ginny together.

    Lots of love,


  2. The measure was proportionate to the room available in the van!