Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A greeting of a different sort

Bowing was a common form of greeting for me for nearly 15 years as I faced a class of martial artists or prepared to spar with a training partner. In my art, taekwondo, we commonly followed the bow with a formal handshake, making eye contact depending on the rank of the other person.

It's been a few years since I rolled around on the ground in a full out grappling match, but believe me, I found big joy in that degree of contact. Last night while horizontal in yoga class, my fingers brushed against those of a fellow yogi. With eyes closed, we paused when contact was made, then she took my fingers in hers and lingered a while. I smiled with eyes still closed, savoring the spontaneity of this unconventional greeting. After class as we rolled up our mats, she approached me with open arms: "It was nice to meet you on the mat. My name is Lynne."

There are so many ways to say hello.

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