Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Perception of risk

I find it entertaining, mind-boggling, really, to reflect on my life and revisit experiences. I've embraced my share of risk-taking in clear-headed moments with plenty of forethought and I've done some incredibly stupid things that lacked even a smidgeon of sound judgment. I'm certain we all have. Some of the physical acts required a measure of courage or a set of skills; some simply called for bold action on short notice. Rock climbing was one of the things I enjoyed for the way it demanded concentration and focus: be here now, or else.

Teaching young children has many parallels, and there are days when I look back and marvel at the courage required to face a classroom of fidgeting, limit-testing, over-scheduled and under-heard students, and then I remember: I was one of them once too, flailing my way through awkward social situations, trying to find my footing.

Some days, simply living feels like risk enough.

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  1. I am so enjoying reading your posts, and it's a beautifully designed site as well. I especially like it when someone else is writing about risk!