Monday, August 29, 2011

Perspective is everything

When I was a young girl, I loved lying on the floor and looking up at the ceiling and imagining life up there. Though the ceiling had essentially the same shape and layout as the floor, support beams and doorways added a fascinating dimension and my world shifted like a wobbly fault-line. Despite feeling dizzy, it was empowering to walk around up there. No one hassled me, I had lots of space, and there was so much to explore.

I have new ways of shifting my perspective these days, and though I generally avoid things that make me dizzy, it still feels good to mix it up. Tomorrow I'm gonna dive deep, roll onto my back, and check out the view from the bottom of the pool. Cool.


  1. OMG...I did the very same thing! I loved imagining walking up and over the joists and door frames, because it was so multi-dimensional. A fascinating place to explore...the ceiling as floor.

    I swear you must be my sister!

  2. Good golly Miss Molly; I think you must be right!