Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In honor of Faith

The long road of treatment began in the spring of 2004, mere weeks after she found a lump in her breast while vacationing in Florida. Biopsy, MRI, port placement, chemo, surgery, radiation, more surgery, more chemo, then a long beautiful strand of months into years of cancer-free living. New joys, new endeavors and, for a time, new love.

In the later summer of 2009, climbing cancer markers resulted in further evaluation at Faith's request, despite her doctor's admonition that all was probably fine. A PET scan and MRI revealed a liver lesion and some questionable spots near her ribs. Early fall brought the news that her breast cancer had metastasized to her brain. A consultation with Dr Rockhill at Harborview's Gamma Knife Center, a brain MRI, lab work, lumbar punctures, then the first of 3 Gamma Knife Surgeries that spanned from November 2009 to February 2011. New port placement, more chemo, and a brain bleed in early March of this year, following her 3rd and final GKS.

And the travels, oh, the travels! Maui twice, Thailand, Kauai, London, Ireland, Denmark, BC, and several camping trips in the beautiful state of Oregon, Faith's home.

And now, daily whole brain radiation for three weeks. Family time, resting time, time with precious friends and her beloved pets, Bindi and Gracie. Time.

And the seasons turn.

I love you, Faith.

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