Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A mother's love

I've long felt my mother's steady support and deep pride even as a young girl, though there were times when I felt it was unwarranted. Like when I got caught shoplifting as a risk-taking teen, and my mother was called to retrieve me from a dark department-store office. How she look into my eyes and conveyed without words that she was disappointed in my choices, but loved me none-the-less.

Across the miles that separate us, we've shared decades of correspondence by mail, accumulating stacks of cards and letters filled with details of our respective lives. Though she is now less able to access verbal language due to Alzheimer's, her love, gratitude and devotion to us remains, conveyed through easy eye contact, gentle touch, and hugs so thoroughly satisfying I feel fed in my very soul.

Here's a keepsake I'll long cherish, penned in March 2007, and sent with a check in support of my involvement in the Breast Cancer 3-Day:

Hoping here you have good shoes for this walk. You will have sore feet and a strained body but--what so! Joining this group of people will be stimulating for you, you'll meet new friends and followers. You are an extraordinary person, Jen-grasping this idea, preparing for it, doing it. I congratulate you! I'd like to know which three days in September so I can route you home safely.

Again, I love you beyond measure,


  1. Great post, wonderful wonderful photo! Mimi is unmistakeable at any age. You're a lucky woman...



  2. Thanks Annie. I'm so glad you had a chance to know her.