Thursday, September 8, 2011

Therapeutic touch, and then some

My left foot has a storied history of kicking. Perhaps first utilized in those elusive months in utero, this dear appendage kicked its way through an active childhood of kickball and swimming lessons before moving on to higher targets. After 15 years of steady work in the kicking art of Taekwondo, this much revered body part has spoken: "Support me and I shall continue to serve. If you neglect to do so, an all-points bulletin will be sounded."

My foot guys are working on finding the best type of foot support for my joy-of-walking lifestyle, and giving me a variety of exercises to strengthen and develop the muscles that support that passion. I've got latex bands in green, tan, and grey, and the muscle memory of my precious niece, Cate, touching my feet with the tenderest of care. Let the healing begin!

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