Friday, September 2, 2011

Variations on play

Do you ever ponder your own wavering readiness to try new things? Do you marvel at what some folks will do do in the name of fun?

During my swim today, I talked with a gentleman from Port Moody, BC, who dropped in to the newly remodeled Lynnwood Rec. Center for a mile-long swim after a day of sea-kayaking in Poulsbo. He delighted in recreating the scene for me, his boat gliding through the pristine waters under sunny skies with Brahms piped into his ears. Retired, joyful, grateful, unhurried.

My friend Kris, pictured here, prefers bolder acts in the territory around her home in Cape Town. Nowhere near retirement, this movie-industry costume designer threw herself off the highest commercial bungee jumping spot in the world. Now that's some bold s@%*!

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