Sunday, October 23, 2011


Meet Andy d'Elia. At 94, my stepfather maintains a daily routine that keeps him going from morning til night. He lives alone in a 3-story townhouse and has a lifelong practice of disciplined living. Despite his advanced age and weakened state from chemo for metastatic lung cancer, this 5'3" West Point grad, former pilot and die-hard tennis player continues to surf the web, read email, follow the stock market, oversee his home affairs, manage his personal care with minimal assistance, and make lists of things to do and achieve. And he answers his landline; who does that? Today he mentioned plans for a patio-area garden next spring and admitted somewhat sheepishly that the time has come to purchase an iphone.

Tomorrow he will meet with someone from Home Instead and decide if this is a suitable resource for him. My sisters, Geo and Melinda, and brother-in-law, Art, have assisted, accommodated, and, on a few occasions, rescued Andy for many, many moons. Through regular check-ins, phone calls, home-cooked meals, in-home help and extraordinary patience, they've extended immense grace beyond measure.

It takes a village to live our lives, even when we think we've got it covered all by ourselves.

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