Saturday, October 15, 2011

In stillness, listening

Conversations, thoughts, prayer, people: all have passed through today and left me with more to further explore. This morning I unearthed a small collection of artifacts commemorating a dear friend who died in February. Prayer followed.

At midday, two separate conversations an hour apart with Gladys, her voice revealing fear and anxiety and an underlying theme of impending loss. In retrospect, I think I fell woefully short in offering her support. Even a brief window of time allowed me to see that listening and simply honoring her words and feelings is much more vital than espousing my own perspective. More prayers.

Later, I spent time reflecting on my mother's life and our respective places in it. I began working on a book for her, filled with pictures and a few words to serve as a lifeline anchoring her to her life.

Then a blow-through visit from Reilly, always in motion, ready to share ideas, film clips, music, projects, all in an effort to connect, and oh, connect he does!

Sometimes all I need to do is be still and honor what arises from that place.

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  1. I tend to believe that open ears are likely all that most desire from a love one. Sounds like your's we're receiving just fine !