Monday, October 10, 2011

Of bikes and children

It's bike club time at our local elementary school, and this is my 4th year of volunteering. Today was our first ride of the school year and we had 22 student riders, two staff, and three volunteers; that's a lot of adrenaline on wheels.

The route begins at Cedar Way Elementary and winds through Mountlake Terrace, including a lovely section on a wooded trail through Terrace Creek Park, and ends at the library, where students spend time checking out books or working on their homework. I love both the concept and the experience. Combining exercise and literacy excites and delights me, and riding with the students and bringing up the rear gives me a chance to support them in an entirely different realm. And best of all, I get to spend time with students that I've known for nearly 6 years.

Today's ride began during a sun break on a blustery day and ended in a steady rain, adding significant challenge for many. We had a few spills on slippery surfaces, lots of tired riders with varying fitness levels and coping abilities, and one frighteningly close call with an inattentive driver.

Volunteering is one of the bright beacons in my life and I hope to keep at it well into my elder years. For now, the bike club is an especially good fit!

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  1. I love the combination! I'm on my way for visits with a couple of City Council members on the library's 2012 budget...not the same kind of exercise, but a pleasure of volunteering. xoxo