Friday, October 7, 2011


I freely admit that I am in need of some alone time and extended periods of silence. I returned home today after a 6-day visit to Faith's home in Ashland, and the sound of the dryer cycle is about the extent of the stimulation I desire. Caregiving is the work of saints and though I've been called that moniker, I struggle with claiming it. Truth be told, I love giving care and nurture to others; most who know me well can attest to that. What I could really use, though, is some work in standing firm with my boundaries, acknowledging what I need, and creating space for that to manifest.

When I take on too much and the energy flows in only one direction, I feel like this lowly sunflower, and it's all I can do to breathe in and breathe out. Most of us don't function well in that position; I surely don't. If I've learned one thing in my years of attending support groups for caregivers, it's the importance of self-care. I'm starting with a dog walk, followed by a quiet evening and a long hug in my partner's arms.

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  1. Be kind to you, Jenny.

    Stop and soak up the love that's beaming to you from near and far.