Tuesday, October 18, 2011

With deepest gratitude and a heavy heart

Caroline Faith Sinanan, much loved cousin and soul-mate, found a full measure of peace today after a long course of treatment for breast cancer. On a crisp, sunny autumn day, Faith drew her last breath in the peaceful sanctuary of her cherished home, Whispering Oaks, in Ashland, Oregon. Daughter, sister, mother, cousin, aunt, niece, sister-in-law, nurse, neighbor, friend, landlord, foster-care home owner, employer, Jane-of-all-trades, beloved "mom" to Bindi and Gracie, well-informed patient with metastatic breast cancer, stunning woman, world traveler, roti-loving, woman of joy, and a highly independent spirit, to name a few.

Well-known for her decades of service to countless families in the Rogue Valley area as a compassionate, skilled and highly intuitive OB nurse, Faith had a following of fans that knew no limits. All who knew her loved her; plain and simple. She found great joy in sharing time with family, especially her beautiful daughter, Viyda, and her beloved nieces and nephews: MacKenzie, Quinn, Wyatt, and Maya. A teacher at heart, Faith loved to share her knowledge and understanding of things and how they worked and nudge others to further inquiry. She could fire off a list of questions and cite research studies and statistics like an eager intern, much to the occasional embarrassment of family who often sought the short version.

Since her initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, Faith took on the challenge of living life and educating herself about her disease with equal passion. She inspired us, challenged us, and lead the way. I responded by availing myself and, as a result, grew to know and love Faith like a sister, developing an intimate relationship that served us both. Through biopsies, port-placement, blood draws, chemo, more surgery, MRIs, CT-scans, spinal taps, gamma knife procedures and WBRT, there we were. Through water play at Bowen, Maui, Kauai, local lakes in the Ashland area and at the Golding's pool party, there we were. Through the night, on many occasions, awake, talking, holding on to each other, crying, laughing, sharing stories, there we were, together, living our lives.
Unselfishly, Faith offered me the rich blessing of intimacy. She loved that I accepted that gift, and she rewarded me with a deep trust, confiding in me on issues that took great courage for us both.

I shall miss Faith dearly. I give abundant thanks for our time together and for the generosity of spirit she so freely shared. And I vow to do my best to honor her memory through intentional, joyful living. Namaste, Faith.


  1. We send our great sympathy to you. jan and ken

  2. Thanks for the news. Faith's family and friends are in my prayers.

    And thanks Jenny for being such a loving and caring friend and cousin to Faith.

    I am happy to hear that she was pain free in the end.



  3. I am so sorry.

    Thinking of all of you and beaming wishes for healing and happiness...


  4. Namaste, Jen. What great posts, starting with this one. I love the Wendell Berry poem, especially.

  5. I did not know Faith very well, my loss..she will be missed. What a nice post.