Saturday, November 26, 2011

Distractions good and bad

Living near a major suburban shopping destination, it's nearly impossible to run an errand after Halloween without getting stuck in traffic. In addition to the usual vehicles, occasional bicyclist, and always-plugged-in pedestrians, there seems no end to the onslaught of visual distractions.

During election season, there is a veritable sea of signage, not to mention the candidates themselves, waving and smiling through gritted teeth at major intersections. And on the weekends, there are the men rocking large signs back and forth, drawing our attention to the current businesses that are closing up shop and hosting a blowout sale. And the teens dressed as Gumby or any number of costumed creatures. Did I mention car washes and screaming girls in their soccer duds, waving hand-made signs and directing us to pull into the parking lot right here, right now?

On my way home from yoga on Friday, the lack of chaos near Green Lake afforded me the opportunity to read the assortment of bumper stickers in view while I waited for the light to turn. Here they are, in no particular order.
Celebrate Diversity
Dognostics know there is a Dog.
Visualize Ballard
I'd rather be driving a Titleist.
Yea, I'm a bitch, just not your bitch!

Oh, so much to see, whether I'm seeking or not.

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