Saturday, December 24, 2011

An early Christmas gift

Leaning back in the familiar chair, she closed her eyes and offered a small smile. "Thank you for the flowers. Oh, I love them. Blue roses are my favorite."

This brief and reassuring dream was the first thing I recalled upon waking this morning, on Christmas Eve. In the dream, my dear mother speaks and uses her body and facial expression to further express the happiness that is in her.

Did I send her flowers? In my dream, there is no awareness of such. Through the powerful yet gentle medium of the dream, I see that joy is possible; that we can create our own joy and sorrow from the internal landscape of our lives. My mother received a bouquet from me and she loved it! It matters not that I did not literally gift her with flowers. The gift is two-fold: she accessed joy-- Hallelujah to that-- and I learned to simply say, "You're welcome."

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