Monday, December 26, 2011

"Refreshing" winter waters await

A family tradition for many years, we enjoy a quiet winter getaway to Bowen Island, taking time to celebrate the Christmas season with my in-laws and sharing year-end reflections together. This year we're fortunate to have our beautiful sons joining us. Tomorrow we'll schlep our stuff, including our two eager dogs and their hefty kennels, and make our way north.

If we can muster the courage, we'll do our own private polar bear swim in Bowen Bay. My version, as pictured here in a solo event last December, is to enter with intention, dunk my body a few times, swish my arms and legs in an effort to prevent complete paralysis, and head for land in about 15 seconds.

Mika professes a plan to swim out to the buoy, which, frankly, is akin to a death wish. "If you're gonna do that, let's get your affairs in order today", I suggested. His rapid-fire retort came with nary a thought. "I bequeath my entire tamarind ball collection to Sarah. Where I'm going, there's an endless supply. I hope."

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  1. Hoping that you!'re dunking your bones in the spirits of a very brisk salt water bath !!!