Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sharing our abundance

Most of us don't have a hungry young buck at our heels in the kitchen, at least not literally, and my 55 year-old judgement tells me that's a good thing. But in this season of consumer-overload, I think it's wise to take a close look at what we have in our pantry, in our closets, and in the deep recesses of our personal lives, and fling wide the doors. And as we take a look around, may we find we have what we need and create space for sharing our God-given abundance with gratitude and with joy.


  1. I want to know which one is the dear deer? Jan

  2. Hmm. Well, the hoofed one is Nemo, a young buck in the care of a fellow named Mucky (I kid you not), who lives down the road from my sister, Geo, pictured here, foraging for grapes for the little fella.

  3. Nemo is the dear deer! What a gift of wild affection...