Thursday, December 29, 2011


You know the drill. You've got a hankering for a photo and you're teetering on that fine line between snapping spontaneously and asking for cooperation. Cousin Faith's method was to get us to pose and then say, "Monkeys fly out of my bum!"

This gem was captured as we overheard Mika conferring with a colleague on the phone. Let's just say the anatomic focus runs in the family. Beyond that, it's best to not ask for details.

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  1. Priceless! I can see in these laughing eyes that someone is the Butt of a joke here....delightful image!

    I laughed uncontrollably New Year's Eve when our discussion was about the books we had read this year. When it came to Bill Womack's moment, he said his favorite was Webster's New Dictionary, and that he had gotten hung up at Aardvark! I knew the Aa...was brilliant but it was John who pointed out that it was The 1st word in the dictionary....just a quicksilver moment.