Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stepping into the light

December 31: an auspicious day of reflection; a time of looking back and a grand opportunity to look ahead to new possibilities.

In recent years, I've grown into my life and feel secure in the fit. The choices I make serve me and bring me joy. I choose to be quiet, to settle in to the songs around me and to lean closer to hear strands of the faint music that calls to me. Listen in to your life.

When energy and spirit courses through me and nudges my heart just so, I honor the sacred pause. I am reminded of these words from writer Ann O’Shaughnessy:
"There is potential in that place where art is, and beauty can come, and another human can come and be there in it. I believe a creative life asks that we commit ourselves completely to clearing the conduit so spirit can flow. Our soul is the creative receptacle- the rich dense place where the creative life is born, and born again daily."

May we find the courage to step from darkness into the light.

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  1. You and I had to have been thinking similar thoughts this weekend! Sending love and so looking forward to seeing you this week...