Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A well-healed heel!

Any 3-Day walker or attentive crew member will tell you this is a familiar sight: a walker tending to her/his feet with an intense singular focus bordering on reverence.

I'm happy to report that the pesky plantar fasciitis I've been navigating since July is quite well healed and I am now pain-free in the foot department! I attribute this good fortune to excellent care by my foot doc and physical therapist and to the vigilance I've given to the proscribed exercises. In my view, the foot injections were key.

Now it's time to re-direct our focus to the hip once again, working on gait control and toning the adductor muscles on that chronically annoyed left side. Step by step, day by day; whoa girl; easy does it, Bessie!


  1. The toe bones connected to the foot bone, the foot bones connected to the.... and on it goes. xo Jan

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