Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have an uncanny ability to find unusual stones. Sometimes it's as simple as looking down. But I have long loved the sensory pleasure of sifting, digging, and sorting; it's one of my favorite past-times. Yesterday I headed for the beach on Bowen Bay with dogs in tow and was dragged to the water's edge by their shared enthusiasm. And it was there that I found a rather oddly shaped smooth, blue gem, glistening in the low tidal zone.

As I picked it up I knew it was a gift and I understood immediately that the gift lay in the giving.

A young child approached holding a woman's hand and we shared New Year's Eve greetings and smiles. I extended my hand and opened my palm and offered the beach glass to the girl. Her gratitude and thanks ran deep. It was such a small item, but the young girl was overwhelmed with delight and continued to offer sincere thanks from a place deep within.

Later that day, our paths crossed again in a lovely shop filled with hand-made treasures. Young Gigi was so delighted to see me she leaned in and wrapped her arms around my hips. Wow. Rippling gratitude; mutual joy; pure, unblemished delight.

From one hand to another, a small piece of glass was passed. Its value was not measured nor qualified. The gifting; ah, the gesture itself; its value akin to gold.

"A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present." ~ Thomas Fuller


  1. I treasure the "gold" you have shared !

  2. Thank you, dear friend. Our shared treasure is indeed golden.

  3. Jenny, Thank you for sharing your blog. I will treasure it's content day in and day out!! How amazing is it to "let go" a gift only to be rewarded a prize worth more!!!! This small child will never forget your kindness.