Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In with a flurry; out with gratitude

Three men. Blood relatives connected through shared values, unconditional love, genetics, beards and more. And this year, on the day our nation honors the life and work of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, united in gratitude for the good outcome and quick release for Reilly, after a 24-hour medical event. Descending the escalator at UWMC with a cold ginger-ale in hand, Reilly leads his brother and father out of the hospital and back into their respective lives.

Test results and advice, some unsolicited, came in many forms. The most succinct and wisdom-infused I heard during the ordeal came from a telemetry unit technician, whose duties included hooking up and disconnecting patients from the wireless heart monitoring system. With the utmost respect, gentleness, tact, and grace, she completed her hands-on work then offered this: "Good-bye. Take care of yourself and enjoy."

Indeed. If we can heed that simple instruction, interpreted, applied and implemented each to our own, well then!

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