Friday, January 20, 2012

It's all in the genes

Dear Mom,

We've had a homebound week here in the Pacific Northwest with heavy snow and ice. Schools have been closed, roads are a mess, and power is out for thousands. We had plenty of forewarning about it, and being Jenny, well, let's just say I lined up our ducks sufficiently. We've been warm, well-stocked and able to get out as needed, thanks to the studded tires on our trusty van.

Josh accepted my invitation to play Scrabble on Wednesday night, and, as you might imagine, won handily. Last night we had a rematch and I fared no better. He crushed me with his stealth strategy and eagle-eye for mega-point turns and drew more than his fair share of good tiles. In short order, he quietly snuffed out my word-seeking light like an overzealous acolyte.

Mika said it wasn't kind of our son. Whatever. Let's just say that I'm Jeff Derick's sister and Marianne's daughter and I have plenty of experience in getting my a** kicked in Scrabble. When we were putting the game away, I found an old score sheet with your name on it. I've got to say, Mom, that it warmed my heart to see your name, handwriting, calculations, and editorial notation: you circled your opponent's final score and wrote Winner.

Now that's kindness!

I love you,


  1. Now your Mom is wearing the most perfect shirt. Love ya, Ginny

  2. You spotted it! Yes, our food services captain, Judy Kent, gave me the green light one year to pick up a pink shirt for my mother, who felt short-changed in the 3-Day shirt department. She knew Sue, Geo and I all had shirts, and she wanted one too!