Sunday, January 15, 2012

Love lessons

Through the seasons, year after year, this dear girl has graced our lives and made us a kinder, gentler and more loving family, one day at a time. Cats can do that, and this one, well, she's a zen master.

As a kitten, she followed Mika and "her" puppies on a walk one day and got separated from the gang. She didn't come home that night or the next. Miraculously, on day three, I found her a mile from home, hunkered down under a thorny shrub, meowing in reply to my persistent call. She's not wandered far since that day.

I'll never forget the time she got tangled in a bouquet of birthday balloons and took off through the house to get away from them, dragging the whole mess of helium-filled latex and ribbons behind her. My laughter made me pretty ineffective in rendering aid.

Despite it all, including a hard-to-define love affair with our dog, Eli, Delilah has been a sweetheart of a girl, and I love her oh so dearly. She's got some new terrain to navigate now, and it means that we do too.

So Del, let me just say this: You are a blessing to us and we are better people because of you.

P.S. About that ceiling fan in the master bedroom. We're pleased as punch that you finally came back upstairs. We prefer it. Yes we do.

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