Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preparedness, and then some

My dear friend, Annie, whom I've had the good fortune of knowing since 1986, published her first book recently. I've not read it yet from cover-to-cover, but I'm gonna thumb through it again today to see how well-prepared we are here at the Sinanan house as we get further buried under relentless snow.

It occurred to me this morning that our earthquake kits, a pair of deep containers of first-aid items, water, flashlights, food and more, were missing a critical item, and I'm not referring to chinese hot sauce, which would be among Mika's top-5.

Praise God that my brother-in-law, Mike, had the good sense to give me some dark chocolate during his recent visit. If I can keep myself from eating it today, it shall become the newest addition to our eclectic supplies. Dog and cat food, candles, space blanket, transistor radio; check; dark chocolate for me; check!


  1. I did not see dark chocolate in Annie's book and I read it from cover to cover. But she is writing another one. Perhaps you could encourage her to add it to the list? Probably the most important item that we could have in our disaster kit! Now let's define disaster. I could easily come up with some type of disaster just so I could get to that candy. (Like running out of paper towels or a drop of rain on the patio and so on and so on!) Hugs, Ginny

  2. Define disaster, you ask? How about 'failing to check the position of the porta-potty seat at O'dark hundred on the 3-Day?' Jim's definition, no doubt, includes 'any random act or thing that might interfere with entering Costco' when he has a hankerin' for _________ (fill in the blank).