Friday, February 17, 2012

Godspeed Andy

Dear Andy,

I'll admit it has not always been easy to love you. There have been times when we did not see eye-to-eye regarding the care needs of Mom and a great chasm opened between us. Somehow, over time, we've come to a place of reconciliation. I am grateful for that and I trust that you are too.

In December, I sat in your kitchen and looked into your eyes and said goodbye. I told you I was sorry for the things I've said and done that were hurtful; I expressed forgiveness to you for the times your actions were hurtful to me; I told you I loved you and would miss you when you die, and I said I would always carry you in my heart. I meant every word.

As you live out the final days of your long and storied life, may you find yourself in a place of gratitude and deep peace.

Love, Jenny


  1. Jen, so wonderful that you had that visit with Andy and spoke so directly straight from your heart to his heart. You have a wonderful way of doing that! My love to you during this time as again life brings changes to your door. Hugs, Ginny

  2. I am behind in my reading, so did not see this until now. What a remarkable conversation to have and I am guessing that he was thrilled that you took the initiative. There are so many things in life that many of us wish we had done either differently or better. All your posts make me think, but this one has also given me some ideas. Love to you, Annie