Monday, February 13, 2012

A thing called love

Last night my dear spouse asked, "What shall we do for Valentine's Day? What day is it again?" Priceless, but quite in character. True to form, I suggested we make each other a card and call it done. His facial expression spoke volumes: bottom line; "What does she want? Glitter? Poetry?"

I bested that request by opening my desk drawer and unearthing the card he gave me last year, its sentiment made sweeter with the passage of time. Gracious man that he is, he offered to inscribe "ditto" next to his signature, which I took as a sign that things are still feeling pretty good between us. Low maintenance; that's us!

Our beautiful niece, Eliza, married last April, sent us this link today, featuring her own sweet love story.

Ain't love grand?

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  1. I got a text message...but then our real celebration is today! xoxo