Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beyond words

"I've really been enjoying ...

an internal shift; it's quite beautiful.
I'm afraid if I talk about it
I'll lose it."

My sister has found herself in a new place on matters of the head and heart and she shared some insightful observations with me in a recent phone conversation. Her voice was notably peaceful and calm.

And it hit me. How differently we process our lives. Each one of us. Through movement, music, writing, speaking, observing; using our hands, our full bodies. Through a vast terrain of processes we unearth new understandings that give clarity to our lives.

I love that for her, talking about something as profound as an internal shift might tilt the whole marvelous thing off its axis. Man, don't mess with a good thing!

Though I am drawn to words with a magnetic force beyond my own volitional control and use writing as a means of understanding, of going deeper- sometimes, even for us lexophiles, surrendering to silence is best. Like here, in Waimea Canyon, where, each time I stand at its rim, crying becomes my mother tongue.

So Mel, with no further adieu: to your internal shift!

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