Friday, March 2, 2012

A man for all seasons

He's had some priceless one-liners and I've told him so. He says that's better than being useless, which of course he's not. Useless, I mean.

Lest you think he's always solving complex health care issues or rearranging someone's intestinal landscape, think again.

Herewith, are a few classic utterances.

"I'm gonna start a business of evangelical religion, mega-vitamins, and bowel function and I'm gonna make a killing."

In response to Delilah's boycotting of the upstairs level of our home following the installation of a ceiling fan: "Give it time, hon. In 6-8 months, she'll be fine."

Penned in a card: "Thank you for your love and kindness and patience and silence when best to salvage the shreds of sanity!"

Lovely man. Quite witty. And so very dear to my heart.

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  1. We both got good ones! xxoo Jan