Saturday, March 17, 2012

Of burdens and courage

A friend, 87, called me this morning to talk. It was the first time she's dialed my number and my first thought was that perhaps she'd taken a fall. In fact, it was her heart that prompted the call; not its ability to function within the small cavity of her 4'10" frame, but rather its heaviness under the weight of a burden she longed to release.

A few days ago when I expressed some kind words to her, she brushed them off with haste, teasing me in characteristic, true-to-her-nature style. And she's been fretting about it ever since.

It never occured to me that V has difficulty accepting compliments or gestures of kindness, nor that this character trait disturbs her. "Did I even say thank you?", she wondered, in a barely inaudible query.

One never knows what heaviness might be leaning upon the heart of another, or what resides behind their eyes. The courage to pick up the phone and bring this thing- this burdensome weight- forward into the light, is not lost on me. At 87; still seeking, reaching, evolving. A role model for me, and I told her so.


  1. Fantastic lesson. -Jan

  2. A role model for us all, and how lucky you are to have her in your life, and she to have you in hers. - Laura