Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One blessed family!

I've begun the process of planning the memorial service in Maryland to honor Andy, my 94 year-old stepfather, and today spent a few hours lining up musicians and attending to details via email.

Long distances among families are fairly normal circumstances in this day and age and ours is no exception. We hail from 8 countries and 8 different states. As a girl who grew up in a town where few ventured beyond the county line, I'm here to tell you, times have changed. I'm proud of my family and the diversity that frames us.

We are Democrat, Republican, un-registered, green-card holding, newborn, born-again, young, middle-aged, elder, caucasian, African-American, East Indian, Swedish, Canadian, Chinese, American, Finnish, Irish, stubborn, straight, gay, celibate, sexually active, adopted, conceived creatively, athletic, sedentary, retired, Presidents, contractors, students, teachers, healers, care-providers, care-receivers, widowed, single, married, living with partners, divorced, politically active, socially engaged, isolated, farmers, meditators, mediators, yogis, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, cancer survivors, nature lovers, die-hard birders, avid readers, musicians, artists, therapists, canines, and felines, and that's a short list.

When our clan gathers next month to remember Andy and honor his life, we'll tip our hats to the family patriarch: stubborn, infinitely inquisitive, New Jersey-born, Italian; a one-of-a-kind man from a typical American family!


  1. And you, my dear friend, are a one-of-a-kind woman from that very typical American family! What a wonderful service you will plan for your dear stepfather Andy. Hugs and love, Ginny

  2. Diversity ... a most wonderful thing that we all hope a family can embrace !