Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The passage of time

I remember when I stopped wearing a watch with any regularity. We were on vacation, settling in for long, lazy days of beach and water play with our young sons. I slipped it off upon arrival, embracing the beginning of our holiday and relinquishing my focus on flight schedules. From that point forward, some twenty years ago, a new practice began.

Though I'm still tethered to time, I've learned to intuit the hour and am often able to guess the time right down to the minute. What I really want to say is this: time heals.

I don't know that I shall ever understand how the passage of time can bring us to this sacred place where we can rest in reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace, but I can try.

The passage of time. Mysterious in its powers, elusive in its value. Looking back in awe; moving forward with gratitude.

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  1. I am always thankful for the "passage of time" and find that throughout my entire life I have relied on that knowledge as a way to deal with the present. Now for "passage of time" as it relates to aging I am not so excited! So have you ever figured out, my dear friend, where exactly does time go when it flies? And can we hear it flying by? Hugs from Ginny