Thursday, March 1, 2012

A bright beacon from Poulsbo

She's a pistol, this one. Fit as a fiddle with a heart of gold. Tough as nails, steady, kind, considerate. Generous beyond measure. One of a kind and a bright beacon among us.

When not driving multi-wheeled rigs, shushing her yapping micro-dogs, or volunteering her time educating others about breast cancer, Carol shoots pictures and produces video clips. Here's her latest, a joy-filled, five-minute musical tribute to our beloved mutual friend and mentor, Ginny.



  1. That's our Carol! We have formed a most wonderful sisterhood! Hugs, Ginny

  2. Well for goodness sakes, just about jumped out of my skin when I logged in to "The Water's Edge" while sitting with the guys eating my sandwich at lunch today. Who the heck is the dork behind the wheel? Wow, all those adjectives are going to give me a big head !!! My life has been enriched like no other with my friendships of the past 4 years and I thank you Jenny and Ginny beyond normal comprehension.

  3. C- cool, calm, collected
    A- artistic, ardent, assumes the best in all situations!
    R- reliable, resilient, rockin'
    O- outstanding attitude (pretty much all the time), organized, outta this world!
    L- lover of life, lifelong friend, lithe