Sunday, April 15, 2012

And baby makes three!

Approach slowly, lower your voice, and lean in. Meet Vivian Claire Robinson, born April 13, 2012 in our nation's capital at 4 pounds 1.5 ounces at 33 weeks gestation to my lovely niece, Eliza. Early arrival and low birth weight aside, this spit-fire girl with the multi-syllable moniker emerged with working lungs, a hearty cry, and good reflexes: a blessed miracle, and no small feat. At the ready to greet her was a well-prepared medical team, two eager grandmothers, and an endearing set of first-time parents. Vivian's daddy, Adam, pictured here, displays a measure of gentleness as he gets acquainted with his new-born daughter.

Reports from her grandfather, Jeffrey, my one and only brother, showcase his classic wit:
"She lost a little weight as expected but is also getting fluids through an umbilical catheter so there is no cause for worry that she will become dehydrated. She is peeing and we will of course alert the media when she has a poop."

And this, regarding his own post-birth status with his equally tiny dog at home in North Carolina, where he provides care to his community as a family physician:
"Feather is good company and I have a freezer full of homemade soup. We will be fine; this is what families do."

Welcome little Vivian! We are thrilled you are here!

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  1. The circle of life my friend ... happiness to you and your family