Thursday, April 26, 2012

A bulleted list

A small collection of truths,
in no particular order:

  • I smoked for three weeks in grade nine.
  • At age six, curiosity propelled me to drop our chihuahua from the sundeck to the ground below. 
  • I excelled at shoplifting-- until I got caught.
  • I took risks that could have had horrific outcomes.

As for the sign, well, frankly, I regret plenty.
That was then; this is now.


  1. You continue to surprise me, my friend, and we have had a lot of walking time to share thoughts and special memories! By any chance were you your Mother's daughter? Hugs, Ginny

  2. My mother and father no doubt influenced the foray into cigarette smoking, but the other behaviors I conjured up without their assistance. A far-fetched notion? Insight and sound judgement, which I now, thankfully, seem to have a measure of.