Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Curious, engaging Chriss

We met eight years ago in a crowded classroom in rural Tanzania in the foothills of Mt. Meru. Amid the chatter around us, Christian leaned forward in his chair and posed some numbers questions with focused eye contact. "What is the most powerful religion in the United States? How many people are registered voters?"

It matters not what I offered in reply, but one sure thing I know; we found some kinship, he and I, and it lives on between us still. Now in medical school, Chriss, pictured here in a community medicine class researching municipal water supplies, keeps in touch with the occasional email.

This week he wrote to ask me to send him an Amplified Bible. He wrapped up his brief note with the universal practice of commenting on the weather and signed off with a lovely closing mantra:

It's a good day, it rained twice overnight. Tanzania is having what we call Winter; to you might be Summer.
Have happy moments

One never knows where questions may lead, but having the courage to ask them is a fine place to start.

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