Friday, April 20, 2012

Mindful living

During choir rehearsal last night, Virginia reminisced out loud about her dear friend Anna, a fellow alto who sang next to her for many moons until the early 1990s. "She loved to make hymns rhyme and would change the words to achieve it, leaning in to me and emphasizing her new-fangled lyrics right in my ear!"

That got me wondering about how impressions are made and what sticks. What sorts of things influence and impact what we remember about someone? The good, the bad, and the seemingly benign day-to-day stuff; is there deliberate intention to the process of remembering?

The whole thought process improved my posture right then and there. I want to be remembered for small kindnesses. Let the memory-making begin.


  1. I remember you!

  2. Me too! You are an ambassador of small kindnesses wherever you are wherever you go.