Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unleashed creativity

A creative one, this.  Always designing, cutting, and crafting things from paper and natural objects, he's a veritable poster child for thinking outside the box of conventions.  Trust me when I say that he kept things lively the year he was a student in my classroom as a Kindergartner.  
Most memorable was the day he tucked a googly eye into his ear canal and casually mentioned it during recess to a classmate.  "Jonah put an EYE in his EAR!" Elijah responsibly reported, and, well, the rest is history.  (Yes, he visited the school nurse, and no it could not be retrieved, and yes, he was put under anesthesia to have it removed surgically, and yes, his mother created a poster board of the entire escapade.)
But check out the twinkle in that child's eyes.  Oh, the rascally things boys do.

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