Friday, May 18, 2012

All in the family

My dear aunt Sue has a long history of many things worth celebrating, including, but not limited to, witty writing.  How could she not, given her wacky birth family and English professor career?  This week she penned this:
"I thank God I am part of the estrogen stream that makes up our family sisterhood. Tenderness, patience, organization, and the inherent knowledge of feelings and life matters (some call it wisdom) all constantly flowing. No matter where you drop your current troubled hook, you catch help and answers. Let the worm squirm.  In no time there will be an answer fish on your line."

Truth be told, my family has the lion's share of female role models.  All four women pictured here hold advanced degrees: three are highly regarded professors; one a chiropractor in our nation's capital. In addition to my biological family, the families I have membership in give me plenty to be proud about.  The latest inspiration comes from my church family, where this 9-person clan, headed by Anne and Amanda, have found permanent homes for seven children at long last.  


  1. The story of your church family is heart warming and full of hope. Bless your Anne and Amanda for the love & stability they provide these beautiful kids. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tis true...amazing female role models. Happy to be friend with this amazing family!