Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May musings from Miss Delilah Lopez, AKA The Beast

Dear family,
Thank you for my window sill perch and for my fleece nest.  Thanks for letting me sleep on the bed with you too.  Really, a girl couldn't ask for much more, but let me say a few more things while I'm at the keyboard here.  Umm, purrrrrr.  Also, I love the sunny spots on the desk and the back porch and the attentiveness to my dietary fetishes.  You really are a thoughtful litter- I mean family.

Could you back off a little on the brushing and combing thing?  I don't mind the mats.  Otherwise, let me just close with life is good!  Purrrr.

Love, Del
P.S. (I never really saw the point in meowing.)

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