Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Offering peace through being peace

Two men, both revered by family, make their way through a sanctuary of green along the Shenandoah River some years ago.  Willing talkers, yes, though much more inclined toward thoughtful listening.

I wonder if the tragic events that rocked Seattle today might have been averted if the suspected gunman could have found words for the darkness that lay within him, and some kind soul took the time to listen.

There is much I do not know.  But tonight I feel the blessing of being in community, of knowing I can get help if I am struggling or in distress.  And I do not take lightly the profound responsibility we all share to be attentive to the well-being of those around us, including those who live with mental illness.


  1. Jen, as I sit here in my cozy cabin listening to the rain pound down on the roof I also am pondering the events of these past few weeks. We may be able to take care of the gang problems our community faces. We may be able to deal with the gun issues and all of the arguments on both sides of that problem. But if we don't acknowledge and take care of our citizens with mental illnesses we will continue to experience these senseless acts of violence. Mental illness has been shoved in a closet forever. It needs to be one of our top priorities. Period. Ginny

  2. Spot on, Jen.

    Sending love and hoping for tea soon,