Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dapper fella from Watsontown, PA

Quite willing to take requests while seated at the piano, Grandpa Sheffer was never more than a step away from a cuppa coffee and a Marlboro.  We've got more questions than answers about this man, and I'll admit that one of mine concerns his colorful ensembles, and I don't mean choral.  Did Grandma do his shopping?  I must remember to ask my mother when I see her next week.  Perhaps the photo will jog her memory sufficiently.  


  1. You do have the best collection of family photos, mon cherie. This one is classic!!! Ascot, no tie. Tie collection must have gone to the Smithsonian.
    I suspect he chose his attire all by himself...reflecting his creative playful self!

  2. It's a good thing we rummaged through his ties (and Grandma's hankie drawer) while we could, now that they're on display for the world to see. I recall a few with a Hawaiian motif with flowers large enough to provide shelter for a family of four.