Monday, June 18, 2012

Sisterhood of the traveling scarf

I've viewed this photo of Mom many times; in fact I probably shot the damn thing.  How did I miss the scarf-- yes, the very same scarf I found  in April buried beneath a mountain of sashes and scarves in her drawer?  

All these years when I've re-visited this classic photograph snapped in the hotel room of the infamous Henlopen Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, I've seen the same things: her sunkissed skin and relaxed demeanor; the eye-catching ad for Eight Legged Freaks;
the trademark fuzzy blanket common
to hotels, and the old-school walkman
and matching headset delivering tunes.
The scarf? Never registered it.

So she kept it and wore it; good for her!  I'm tucking the little gem into my suitcase today.  Hey, maybe I'll wear it!


  1. Watch out if you start reading about aliens when you put it on.

  2. Hoping that you're sportin' a special scarf and sharing a smile with your mom .... Hugs, Carol