Saturday, July 7, 2012

Open house!

Evidence of a life of leisure following retirement:
 my mother's early spring calendar, 2003.
My mother was quite stellar at entertaining.  She prepared lavish spreads, readied the house, turned down the lights, and flung wide the door.  When things seemed just as she imagined, she'd take her cocktail, give a quick wave of goodnight and climb the stairs to her room, letting the party linger on until it extinguished itself.

My calendar reveals that we're hosting a party today, a celebration of success and thanks for the staff and faculty who run the Surgical Specialties Clinic at UWMC.  The food is ready, the flowers arranged.  A bouquet of balloons is awaiting a tie-up out front and the cooler is stocked with beverages (yes, Carol, beverages) as diverse as they come.  

I'm intending to fully participate, and, thanks to my yoga practice, I am confident I can pull it off.  

Welcome to the party!


  1. Carol, what say we crash this event! Pick me up at the lake in one of your 18 wheelers and we will arrive in style. I can carry off the medical discussions if you can handle the beverages and such! Party on, Jen, but watch your back. If you hear a rumble .........

  2. What a goof, Ginny! I do hope you crash it in your 18 wheeler! Jenny, will you climb the stairs when you've had enough, with glass in hand and wave goodnight to your guests? Pull a Marianne, as they say? Pray do tell how it all goes....

  3. Carol, park your rig on 44th Ave W, would'ja?

  4. Holy smokes, I nearly missed out on all the festivities and beverages to boot. Y'all have me figured out too well !!!

  5. I am all dressed up in my garden clothes (the ones I garden in) and I am waiting for the 18 wheeler to pull in any minute. We will be parking in your culdesac so please alert your neighbors! Rumble, Carol comes!

  6. Rumble, rumble; party a great success! 10/4; over and out!