Friday, July 13, 2012

Thunder and stories under the big-top

As the story goes, Mika and his laboratory accomplice
nearly blew up the family home on Athlone Street.
Hailing from the Appalachians and now living on Ocracoke Island, Master storyteller Donald Davis delighted his glasses-wearing audience this morning in a chilly garden sanctuary at the First Annual PowellsWood Storytelling Festival.  Huddled under the tent in colorful shawls and layers of fleece to the rumble of summer thunder, we clutched hot coffee and listened as Donald took us on a journey in a life story workshop designed to tap memories and help us shape personal and family stories.

Engaging doesn't even begin to describe this powerhouse of telling. He's equal parts archeologist, literary magician, and old shoes: earthy, non-pretentious, and blissfully comfortable.  Sporting his trademark bow-tie and somewhat dressy attire--at least by Pacific Northwest standards--Donald kept us riveted for 3 full hours, weaving concepts and processes common to storytellers with his own homegrown cache of personal stories.  

What a wonderful summer treat for us all, sandals and socks notwithstanding!

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