Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Clearing space

Eureka! I got inspired today to do some major purging.  Six gigantic bags of old clothes are slated for delivery to Goodwill tomorrow.  Empty drawers.  An absence of closet clutter.  Musty odors out the window; gone!  A plethora of hangers.  S p a c e s with nothing in them.  

By day's end, I felt freer, less tethered to the old and more able to welcome the new.  In a few short days we will gather at Bowen Bay to scatter Faith's ashes in the place we've cultivated memories since 1978.  Part of me is ready to relinquish her remains as she wished.  And part of me trembles at the very thought.

It seems not possible that a year ago she sat on the beach with Mike, sharing conversation with reading material in hand.  Ordinary moments; extraordinary memories.

I'd like to believe that I'm in a place of readiness; clearing space, making way for change.  Day by day, Oh; day by day.

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  1. Peace and hope and yes, joy to you and your family as you gather to mourn and celebrate a life that has had such impact on you.